Civi law:

Representation in court

Preparation and analysis of contracts 

and other documents

Labor rights

Civil law agreements

Real estate transactions

Family law

Debt and damages compensation collection


Tenant's rights and rent issues


Commercial law:

Legal services for non-residents

Organisation and legal support of business

Registration, reorganisation and liquidation of the companies, disputes between shareholders


Administrative law:

Public procurement and tenders

Building law

Management of state and municipal property

Competition law

Citizenship and immigration issues


In cases of administrative violations:

consulting and preparation of the necessary documents, representation in administrative violations cases at hearings and in court, in traffic, taxation, customs, competition, building, immigration and other areas


Criminal law:

Defense and representation in criminal cases

Draft of the documents at any process stage

Appeal of process- related forced measures

Participation in investigation activities


Accounting, notary, translator, bailiff and other specialist services

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